These days I’m working as a ranch hand, in the good company of ancient oak trees. Time outside keeps me centered.

I’m also the author and producer of The Photographers Field Guide to Beijing.

In the aughts, I got my start by working as a photographer for NGO clients in East Asia.

I grew up in the US, China and Japan.

Most of the notes on this website are utilitarian. A few are weird! I am sharing these ideas hoping that a few will be interesting to you, too.

I want to keep my URLs consistent but give ideas space to wiggle around. Expect rewrites, edits, combinations, dissections and the occasional deleted page. I’m working with a particular sort of iteration in mind.

The Github repo for this website’s code is open. Here are the ingredients I’m using:

  • Building with Jekyll on GitHub Pages
  • Delivery via Cloudflare CDN
  • Managing search snippets with Google Webmaster tools

I really want this website to work for you – Even if you’re on an old phone. Even if you’re standing outside an airport waiting for the bus. Even if the library wi-fi is slow as hell.

Let me know how it works for you:
[email protected]