These days I’m working as a ranch hand, in the good company of ancient oak trees. Time outside keeps me centered-ish.

I’m also the author and producer of The Photographers Field Guide to Beijing.

In the aughts, I got my start by working as a photographer for NGO clients in East Asia.

I grew up in the US, China and Japan.

Most of the notes on this website are utilitarian. A few are weird. I am sharing these ideas hoping that a few will be interesting to you, too.

When I’m writing through an idea that confuses me (and I’m often confused), I hold on to Karl Popper’s make-a-bold-hypothesis-and-disprove-it thing. The other thing I hold on to is a Karl Weick saying: Argue like you’re right. Listen like you’re wrong. And I’m often wrong.

On this website, I want to keep my URLs consistent but give ideas space to wiggle around. Expect rewrites, edits, combinations, dissections and the occasional deleted page. I’m working with a particular sort of iteration in mind.

The Github repo for this website’s code is open. Here are the ingredients I’m using:

  • Building with Jekyll on GitHub Pages
  • Delivery via Cloudflare CDN
  • Managing search snippets with Google Webmaster tools

I really want this website to work for you – Even if you’re on an old phone. Even if you’re standing outside an airport waiting for the bus. Even if the library wi-fi is slow as hell.

Suggestions for improvement are appreciated:
[email protected]