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Hi. It’s Zach. You can check the now page for the latest. Otherwise, keep reading to learn more about me in the usual about page fashion.

Who I work with

Let’s make something! I welcome collaborations, commissions and new clients. [email protected]

What I do

I’m the author and producer of “The Photographers Field Guide to Beijing.” I used to write about photography for Empty Easel. Before that, I worked as a photographer for NGO clients.

The focus of my photographic work is long-term projects and image libraries; mostly documentary nonfiction.

For many years I’ve also worked as a ranch hand – I’m a big fan of sunshine. 🍃 That experience informs my ongoing photo project, “Laughing Lost in Briars.”

Where I work

Currently I’m just down the road from DFW Airport in Texas. My friends are all over the map.