Updated: Sep 18 2019 • Snapshot of how I’m spending my time, where I’m going and what I’m using to make stuff. Shared here for the curious.

Ongoing and upcoming

The neighbor’s bull got out and went for a ramble – a good reminder that fall is a great time to check fences at the ranch.

Researching updates for “The Photographers Field Guide to Beijing.” Expect version 2 before the end of the year.


To read: Hidalgo’s “Why Information Grows”

Reading: binge-watching PBS “Eons,” really

Done reading: Klement’s “When Coffee and Kale Compete”

Email newsletters that I love right now

Really, limiting the list to these 5 feels kind of arbitrary. There are so many good newsletters in my inbox right now!

Tools I’m using now

Whenever I travel, visit a friend, or read a bit of anthropology, it is always the stuff people use that raises my eyebrow and makes me smile. Only fair to ante up, eh?

HT Belle Cooper for inspiring the idea for a now page and tools list.


Using Orgzly again. It is too good to quit!

Back on an official build of Android because I needed a new phone with wider LTE radio support. Previously, I ran a de-Googled build of LineageOS.


I’ve been using Pleco Chinese dictionary and Photo Mechanic for over a decade.


  • _todo.txt
  • Analog – and a bit borked – kanban using sticky notes and a white board; previously, Trello
  • Orgzly
  • Peter Krogh’s The DAM Book helps me manage my picture archive
  • Pomodoro technique for screen-based tasks, except writing

Office stuff

  • AP Stylebook, circa 2009
  • G Suite
  • macOS
  • Speedy Stitcher sewing awl
  • Standing desk and headphone music
  • Storage drives are whatever The Wirecutter recommends

Office: production for web and ebook

  • BBEdit
  • Calibre
  • GIF Brewery
  • Github
  • imageMagick
  • imageOptim
  • Pandoc
  • TextEdit

More details.


Because I spend a lot of time outside, I want a phone that is lightweight and pocket-sized. It should be durable-ish. It should get routine security patches. Motorola’s low-end Android phones are the closest thing I’ve found.


  • Camera hardware varies by project; small and simple is good
  • JPG soc when the project allows for it
  • Krogh’s The DAM Book
  • Photo Mechanic
  • RPP converter paired with Silver Efex Pro for digital BW images

Field and ranch

Boots are my most important tool outdoors. I often wear Belleville Mini-Mil boots, which I bought after reading this.

Field: wx and climate

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