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Updated: 2020-02-26 • Hi, friend. This page explains what what you need to know about how this website works.

I really want this site to work for you: Even if you’re on an old phone; Even if you’re standing outside an airport waiting for the bus; Even if the library wi-fi is slow as hell. To that end, I’ve chosen my ingredients. Let me know how you like the recipe: [email protected].


Your data

You’ll find that this website has 1 cookie, Cloudflare’s __cfduid cookie. If you’re curious about what it does, start with this.

  • I don’t collect user data.
  • I don’t use affiliate links.

Our correspondence

I delete ephemeral correspondence immediately. However, you should also know that:

  1. US regulations do require that I retain some business-related correspondence for several years.
  2. Because I’m human, I do take notes for myself. I keep my digital notes encrypted – for the same reason. 🤐

Technical ingredients

  • Built on Github Pages.
  • Served over Cloudflare’s CDN.
  • Email correspondence via Zoho Mail.