Updated: 2020-05-23 • Partial list of the tools I use most. Simply noted here for curious friends.


I’ve been using Pleco and Photo Mechanic for over a decade. Peter Krogh’s The DAM Book has been helping me manage my picture archive for at least that long.

Organization and time mgmt

  • Borked white board kanban
  • Orgzly on Android
  • Pomodoro technique for screen-based tasks, except writing


  • AP Stylebook from 2009
  • Speedy Stitcher sewing awl
  • Plain TXT, please; currently I’m using Markor and FX on Android and, as always, TextEdit on MacOS

For the nitty gritty on the tools I use in my digital publishing workflow, you can read this colophon from my field guide.


Photo mgmt

  • “The DAM Book” by Peter Krogh
  • ExifTool
  • Rclone, right now
  • Photo Mechanic
  • Spotlight on macOS indexes IPTC description, keywords and headline fields in JPG files, thus search is wicked fast; this is so underrated, you guys!


  • Always looking for better work gloves
  • Billhook
  • Bull nose pliers
  • Dish soap to wash off the poison ivy
  • Loksak keeps dust, rain and sweat away from my phone and other electronics
Text streams across an old iPod screen booting into iPod Linux

Running iPod Linux in the early 2000s: when I was experimenting with using my 10GB iPod to record audio notes and backup JPGs (via a very funky Belkin CF card interface that required AAA batteries) in scenarios where a laptop won’t work.

Whenever I travel, go to the museum or read a bit of archaeology, it is always the stuff people use that raises my eyebrow and makes me smile. Only fair to ante up, eh?

HT Belle Cooper for inspiring the idea for both this page, and my [now page.]